Democrats Are Hoping Something Can Swing the Election in Their Favor

Democrats Are Hoping Something Can Swing the Election in Their Favor

( – Over the last year, congressional Democrats have operated as if voters approved sweeping mandates to transform America’s elections, economy, society, and government. In truth, Republicans successfully defended every incumbent House seat and flipped 16 from blue to red in 2020. Republicans have a +5 to +11 advantage with voters in numerous generic congressional polls, with two outliers in the RealClearPolitics average giving Republicans a 3.4 point advantage.

For Democrats to keep the House, they might need a five-point advantage or better, which isn’t materializing.

Instead of turning to President Joe Biden for help, vulnerable Democrats are seeking aid from state Democratic Party officials. They hope state parties can help them with messaging and outreach ahead of the November election. Still, vulnerable Democrats don’t have much of a record to run on outside of the American Rescue Act, which two prominent Democratic economists blame for the rise in runaway inflation. Additionally, some incumbents say they’ll promote health care proposals and the bipartisan infrastructure passage.

As races heat up, the GOP intends to focus on the Democrats’ spending proposals in 2021 and cast them as the cause for rising gasoline prices and inflation. Will Democratic spin about their 2021 plan and results earn goodwill with voters in swing districts? Republicans only need to net five seats to take back the House and one to take back the Senate.

While November may be far away, time is running out on Democrats to counter voters’ experience.

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