Democratic Mayor and Her Husband Criminally Charged


( – It appears one Democratic mayor can’t stay out of legal trouble. Last year Rochester, NY Mayor, Lovely Warren, was indicted for felony campaign finance violations. That offense could be a drop in the bucket compared to what the mayor and her husband are now facing. In May, New York State Police raided the Mayor’s home. Law enforcement suspected Warren’s husband of being involved in a local drug ring.

On Friday, July 16, officials unsealed a new indictment against Warren and her husband. The couple is facing charges for criminal possession of a firearm and endangering a child. Warren alleges she didn’t know about the gun, which was registered to her mother-in-law. Additionally, according to her claims, she and her husband were separated at the time of the raid.

The mayor maintained her innocence and said she didn’t do anything illegal. Warren’s husband, Timothy Granison, is also facing a criminal possession of narcotics charge. The federal government is looking into allegations that Granison received and distributed large quantities of cocaine.

The couple’s arraignment on the weapons charges will occur on Wednesday, July 21. If Warren is found guilty, hopefully the message will be clear: This type of corruption will not stand.

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