Democrat Melts Down on Air at Thought of Rampant Free Speech on Twitter

Democrat Melts Down on Air at Thought of Rampant Free Speech on Twitter

Leftist Mouthpiece Mocked Mercilessly

( – On Monday, April 25, Twitter agreed to sell its platform to Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, for $44 billion. Musk previously said it was important to him for Twitter to fulfill its potential as a free speech platform. The statement has many on the Left wigging out. On Sunday, May 1, CNN contributor David Zurawik melted down at the prospect that Twitter could become a completely unregulated free speech platform.

Zurawik appeared on “Reliable Sources” with host Brian Stelter and reporter April Ryan. Zurawik argued that under Elon Musk, Twitter could become a big problem without significant free speech controls and strong regulations. The CNN contributor said former President Donald Trump opened the gates of hell, and the pundit insinuated the US government needed to keep them closed through censorship.

The journalist and author emphasized the situation was dangerous from his viewpoint and suggested no one in Congress had the know-how to control speech. Instead, he said America should look to Europe to learn how they use control mechanisms to control speech.

Shortly after Zurawik’s appearance on CNN, social media exploded over the controversial statements. The clip received thousands of views as people expressed deep reservations about regulated speech and censorship.

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