Democrat Mayor Begs GOP Governor To Stop

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who lost her re-election bid earlier this year sent a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asking him to stop his busing operations that have led to an influx of migrants going to many sanctuary cities including Chicago.

Abbott who first started the busing operations last fall, has stated that he would continue until the Biden administration secures the Southern border. As he has claimed this move has allowed his state to handle the surge in migration better, while also shedding light on the situation.

Lightfoot on the other hand has claimed that Abbott’s operations are completely politically motivated and is pushing him to stop the operation. It was recently reported that on Monday Abbott is organizing more buses to transport migrants.

Lightfoot has pointed out that currently, her city has had to provide shelter and resources for 8,000 people who have arrived from Texas. As she notes many of these people have been transported without any supplies or resources, and many are in dire need of medical attention. In fact, she has claimed that the people are handled “like freight” and shipped across the country without any consideration for the situation they are in. This has led to women being made to board the bus while being in active labor.

The outgoing mayor has pointed out that the city is struggling to find the necessary resources to shelter, clothe, feed, and provide water to all the incoming migrants.