Democrat Caught Framing His Republican Opponent

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

( – In Texas, the Commissioner of the Fort Bend County Precinct 3 in Texas Democratic candidate is facing charges for having allegedly created fake online posts slandering himself with racially heavy comments.

Andy Meyers, the Commissioner, filed a request with the county’s district attorney before the start of the investigation in October over the negative criticisms that his opponent Taral Patel had received. This request was filed after last September Patel had taken to social media to share screenshots that showcased the racially motivated comments that he had been receiving. The majority of the usernames had been concealed but Meyers claimed that he recognized the account name “Antonio Scalywag.” 

Investigators had determined that the fake account had used someone else’s photo and had issued a subpoena to Google and Facebook in order to obtain more information about the account. The data they obtained matched all of Patel’s information including his address, driver’s license, phone number, as well as personal information. 

In September Patel had claimed that his post was just an indication of the comments that he had been receiving because of the Republican Party’s “deep and misguided fear.” 

Last Wednesday Patel was arrested on a Class a misdemeanor charge for identity misrepresentation and on a third-degree felony charge for online impersonation. His bond for the misdemeanor charge is at $2,500 while for the felony it is set at $20,000. Early on Thursday he paid the bond and was released from county jail. 

Fort Bend County’s GOP Chair Bobby Eberle stated that this case is “deeply concerning.”

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