Delta Airlines Allows Passengers To Change Tickets in Bizarre Move

Delta Airlines Allows Passengers To Change Tickets in Bizarre Move

Major Airline Makes Bizarre Move

( – Over the last several months, consumer demand for air travel has boomed. Yet, airlines haven’t carried enough staff to handle the surge in traffic, and the weather has wreaked havoc on airline schedules, causing severe flight delays and cancellations. Ahead of the 4th of July weekend, Delta Airlines announced a new plan to help travelers and their employees. The top-rated airline in America is allowing travelers to reschedule their holiday tickets at no extra charge.

There are a few stipulations to the policy change. If you take advantage of the free opportunity to reschedule during a less intense travel period, be aware that the policy is only available over the holiday weekend from Friday through Monday. Travelers must rebook their trips to depart no later than July 8, and the flight route must be the same to take advantage of Delta’s deal.

The waiver is good on all tickets, including Basic Economy. Even if passengers choose to rebook the flight, travel experts say they should still expect delays and cancellations. Travelers must rebook the tickets using Delta’s website or mobile app to take advantage of the fee waiver.

Since Memorial Day weekend, US airlines have canceled over 18,500 flights. On-time arrivals are also struggling as 24% of flights have arrived at their destinations late.

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