Cuomo Resigns After Almost Three Terms

Cuomo Resigns After Almost Three Terms

( – Political dynasties come and go, but when they fail for moral reasons, it’s a shock to the system. On Tuesday, August 10, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned from office. The embattled governor who, just a year ago, was hailed by the Left as a hero during the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic, had no other options.

As Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal intensified and more women came forward with substantive allegations, New York Attorney General Letitia James commissioned an investigative group to investigate allegations of sexual wrongdoing. The 165-page report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 females, some who served on his staff, and aides retaliated unlawfully against at least one of the women.

Cuomo Remains Defiant

Before, during and after the report, Cuomo remained defiant. The governor alleged he did nothing wrong and was simply a touchy, huggy, kissy type of person. After the release of the report, Cuomo found himself isolated as people around him started resigning one by one. Democrats in Albany built a solid coalition to impeach the governor. Adding more fuel to the fire, one of the women filed a criminal complaint, and law enforcement may issue a warrant for Cuomo’s arrest pending an investigation.

As the walls caved in, there was nowhere left for the governor to hide. However, that didn’t stop his defiance. In a 21-minute speech announcing his resignation was effective in 14 days, the disgraced politician blamed everything and everyone but himself for his troubles, despite the detailed AG report. Additionally, the governor attempted to portray the resignation as heroic, claiming he was trying to help the government so that it could move on with the people’s work without the distractions of his numerous scandals.

Once again, Cuomo categorically denied all of the allegations against him. The governor stated that the pressure mounting against him wasn’t about the truth or the facts. He blamed it on politics. Additionally, the governor said he accepted full responsibility for his behavior but denied any inappropriate touching. Instead of acknowledging the 11 women’s experiences, the high-powered politician chalked up their understanding of what happened to generational differences and thanked them for coming forward.

Cuomo’s Attorney Blames Media

As was customary of Cuomo during his power days in office, Gov. Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, tried to portray the media as the problem and cast doubt on the women’s allegations during a 45-minute presentation to the media. Glavin suggested that the investigator’s in-depth report was wrong and omitted substantial evidence, including failing to obtain witness testimony that would rebuff the women’s allegations.

The governor’s resignation doesn’t get him out of the woods. He faces potential criminal liability, and the New York Assembly could still impeach Cuomo. The last New York governor to face possible impeachment was Eliot Spitzer in 2008. He resigned in disgrace after his involvement in a high-end prostitution ring went public.

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