Cuomo Aides Enforced the Pence Rule

Cuomo Aides Enforced the Pence Rule

( – In 2017, former Vice President Mike Pence took heat from the Liberal media for a personal policy he maintained his entire married life. Pence is a deeply Christian man. To protect his marriage and ward off any false allegations, Pence refused to meet alone with any female in public or private settings. Some observers who criticized him later fell prey to the #MeToo movement. Who got the better of that story?

It appears Pence’s playbook inspired someone on Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) staff. The governor had a reputation for inappropriate behavior around younger women. It was so bad his senior aides developed a plan from the former vice president’s playbook and secretly prevented Cuomo from meeting one-on-one with them.

In February 2020, Cuomo’s aides hatched the plan after 25-year-old Charlette Bennett claimed the governor asked about her sex life and whether she had ever been with a younger man. Cuomo top aide Melissa DeRosa testified she felt it was important always to have two people together with the former governor to ensure there were no misperceptions or inappropriate conversations. DeRosa told the governor he shouldn’t ever be alone with Bennett again.

During questioning, DeRosa said she was aware of the “Graham-Pence rule.” The media coined the term after the late televangelist Billy Graham, who endured repercussions from an alleged sex scandal before his death, and former Vice President Pence’s unwillingness to be alone with any woman to avoid even the appearance of inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex.

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