Cuban Embassy Attacked With Gas Bombs


( – In Cuba, anti-government protests against the communist regime continue as people fight to have their liberty restored. It’s been a long time since Cuba knew freedom, and the country is seeing the largest anti-government demonstrations since Fidel Castro seized power a half-century ago.

On Monday, July 26, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said his embassy in Paris, France, was attacked by an unknown person or group. It’s not the only embassy to come under fire in recent weeks, and the communist regime is ramping up its rhetoric against the United States.

In 1959, Fidel Castro seized the tiny island nation and turned it into a communist country. On Monday, the United States and 20 other countries condemned Cuba’s crackdown and mass arrest of demonstrators. The signed statement demanded that the small island nation respect the freedoms and rights of its people. It also demanded that the government restore residents’ Internet access.

Cuba Blames America for Attacks

Foreign Minister Rodriguez didn’t mince words after the attack in Paris. At least three Molotov cocktails were responsible for numerous fires on the embassy’s facade and entrance. Cuban diplomats put out the fire as French firefighters and police arrived on the scene shortly after midnight on Monday. Reports on injuries and arrests are not yet available, and neither French nor Cuban authorities have offered any additional information.

Rodriquez declared that the United States was to blame for the violence. He held the US government responsible and pointed at the ongoing campaigns against the communist government for the disorder. The French Foreign Ministry condemned the attack and opened an investigation into the matter.

Frustrations initially created the rise in anti-government sentiments in Cuba over food and medical shortages, when high prices for supplies as COVID-19 reached a climax in the tiny but influential country. Police have arrested dozens of citizens and journalists since the demonstrations began.

Other Embassies Attacked

In recent weeks, anti-Cuban demonstrators may have targeted embassies across the world. In Washington, DC, protestors painted graffiti on the Cuban embassy in Spanish that translates to “free Cuba.”

On Monday in Washington, hundreds of Cuban Americans, refugees and activists protested the crackdown on anti-communist demonstrations. They demanded that President Biden take action as the regime responded harshly to its citizens.

Cuban President Miguel DĂ­az-Canel joined in the anti-American rhetoric in the early days of his country’s protests. At one point, he acknowledged the country’s failures amongst the unrest, but it’s unlikely he’ll willingly step down from power.

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