Crosby, Stills & Nash End Spotify Protest After Five Months

Crosby, Stills & Nash End Spotify Protest After Five Months

Old-School Rockers Protest Against Joe Rogan Doesn’t Last Long

( – In February, Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan created a firestorm among liberal activists and musicians when he offered his program to people with an alternative view on COVID-19 vaccines. Neil Young pulled his music from the popular music hosting platform. Fellow musicians from Crosby, Stills, and Nash soon joined him. Young often played with the group during their heyday. It appears the boycott didn’t last long.

Suddenly, after the band’s public boycott of the Spotify platform in protest of Rogan’s anti-vaccine agenda, their music has reappeared on the popular streaming service. Still, Young hasn’t returned his solo work to the audio platform.

David Crosby explained that the music was available again on Spotify because he no longer owns the rights to the band’s music. Iconic Artist’s Group purchased the group’s back catalog in March 2021.

The issue arose when Spotify refused to take down Rogan’s podcast. Company leaders said they chose back the First Amendment right to free speech. When the liberal musicians’ music left the platform, many Conservatives hailed it as a win for free speech because Spotify refused to take down the podcast. Now, the platform lists program discussions about COVID-19 with content advisory labels.

In May 2020, Rogan signed a $200 million licensing agreement giving Spotify exclusive rights to his podcast. It’s the platform’s most popular program, with approximately 11 million listeners tuning in often to support Rogan’s views.

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