Crime So Bad Major Retailer Has To Hide What?

Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

( – A CVS pharmacy in Washington, D.C., has resorted to replacing toilet paper rolls on shelves with framed photos of the different products following a series of thefts. Customers will now be required to request the paper rolls they want to buy right before going through checkout.

The Washingtonian Problems account was the first one to share on Instagram a photo of the shelves with the photo of the frame. The photos have been ridiculed online with many pointing out that this was what life had resorted to being under Mayor Muriel Bowser (D).

One of the commenters who came from a red state, argued that in her state they did not have these “problems” that were prevalent in the Democratic world. The poster pointed out that while previously they had resided in Washington they have since moved to Florida.

WOTP News in its report noted that the framed photos were meant to be a solution to the large number of homeless people who would enter the store and steal the toilet paper roll. However, this is not just an illegal activity that homeless people are responsible for. The large inflation rates and crime increases have resulted in the crime rate for robberies increasing by 68 percent in 2023 in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Bowser has also been pushing for the Defund the Police movement and has had the slogan of the movement painted on the Black Lives Matter Plaza. Still, despite her protests she was forced to increase the Metropolitan Police Department’s budget in the last year.

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