Cornell Removes Multiple Historical Displays After Alleged Complaints

Cornell Removes Multiple Historical Displays After Complaints

Esteemed University Gives Into Woke Mob’s Demands

( – Has the woke movement finally overtaken US colleges and universities? Across America, liberal students and administrators have pushed to change the names of schools or buildings, remove monuments and statues of prominent Americans, and in some cases, completely revise history. Recently, students at George Washington University demanded the school change its name because George Washington was a slave owner. Some have called to strip Thomas Jefferson, John C. Calhoun, and Woodrow Wilson from prominent schools. Now, one must wonder whether Cornell University is canceling Abraham Lincoln, of all people.

According to Cornell University biology Professor Randy Wayne, the school library displayed a copy of a bronzed Gettysburg Address and a bust of the 16th president. Then, without notice, they were simply gone. When Wayne inquired about why someone removed the items, the first answer he received was that someone had complained about them.

Cornell Removes Lincoln From the Library

Wayne told The College Fix he’s a regular visitor to the library, so he was surprised to see the long-time remembrances of Lincoln gone. The library has displayed both objects since 2013. When the professor asked the librarian what happened to the bust and Gettysburg Address, all she would say was that someone complained about them and insinuated that’s why they were gone. Now, the locations where the two objects sat are empty, and nothing has replaced them.

Not satisfied with the answer, Wayne emailed the university president on June 23. As of June 27, The College Fix said neither the president’s office nor Cornell media affairs have responded to the publication’s numerous requests seeking information on where the two objects went and why they aren’t in the library.

Media Team Finally Responds With Vague Answer

On Wednesday, June 29, Rebecca Valli, the director of relations at Cornell, said Lincoln’s bust was a temporary exhibit to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address and was on display from 2013 to 2021. The statement seems to contradict Professor Wayne’s account, which indicated someone had recently removed the bust from the library.

Valli added that the university owns one of five original copies of the Gettysburg Address written by President Lincoln. She said the original copy is safely stored away for preservation. She also noted that five electronic exhibitions of the 16th president are available for students and faculty to view 24/7 online.

Despite the statement, the school still did not respond to the original librarian’s comment that an alleged complaint seemed to have prompted the removal of the two Lincoln items. Wayne said that no one has the whole story at this moment.

So, will America ever know what really happened? Will more schools quietly remove memorials to historical people or documents from their schools?

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