Conservatives Finally Get an Alternative to Woke Mainstream Credit Cards

Conservatives Finally Get an Alternative to Woke Mainstream Credit Cards

Democrats Don’t Want You To Know About This Incredible New Credit Card Company

( – For a long time, woke companies forced conservatives to support their business models due to a lack of competition. Many corporations used portions of their profits to invest in political and social issues aligning with company executives, the media, and the far-left agenda. Now, a new alternative is available, allowing Conservatives to spend their money knowing it won’t violate their strongly held beliefs.

On Tuesday, April 26, Coign (pronounced Coin) launched a new Visa credit card built by Conservatives for Conservatives. Former Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), several high-profile GOP operatives, and an unnamed conservative billionaire family started Coign. Coign said it’s pushing back against financial institutions that haven’t considered conservative customers’ views and opinions. Every time a customer uses their Coign Visa credit card, they’ll earn cashback rewards, and the company will donate to nonprofits supporting conservative causes.

Here’s a new twist: cardholders decide who receives the donations. The company said Conservatives get to spend “Right” wherever they shop.

President of First Speech, Nicole Neily, told the Daily Wire that the Left has used this business model for decades. She said it’s surprising it’s taken this long for Conservatives to compete with liberal businesses. Most importantly, she said consumers no longer need to worry about companies weaponizing their money against them.

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