Congress Talks UFOs in Out-of-This World Public Hearing

Congress Talks UFOs in Out of This World Public Hearing

Congress Talks About UFOs – Read What They Said

( – Since the beginning of recorded history, people have chronicled UFOs, leading many to ask whether there is life outside of Earth or if aliens have visited the planet. UFOs are a significant source of inspiration for books and movies. In recent years, the military has shared videos depicting UFOs making unbelievable movements in the sky at incredible rates of speed not possible by current human innovations and inconsistent with our understanding of physics.

On Tuesday, May 17, a House Intelligence subcommittee held a historic hearing with two Pentagon officials. It was the first time Congress held a public hearing in 50 years as the public began asking more questions about UFOs than there were answers, leading to conspiracy theories involving the US government.

US Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray said UFO incidents have grown by 400 since last year’s report and often occur in or near military training areas or designated airspaces. He showed a 2021 video of an unidentified sphere-shaped object that accelerated past a Navy pilot near a training range. Bray said he couldn’t offer an explanation or say what the object in the video was. The deputy director added the US government doesn’t have any mysterious wreckage or any unexplained physical evidence in its possession.

In 2020, the Department of Defense created a dedicated task force to investigate UFOs. Its mission is to detect, analyze, and catalog instances of UFO interactions and determine whether they could threaten the United States.

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