Congress Member Files Police Report After Jimmy Kimmel Incites Violence

Congress Member Files Police Report Over Assault Push From Jimmy Kimmel

( – Late-night comedians, among others, often make inappropriate jokes about politicians. Most people say it goes with the territory, and some politicians can even laugh at themselves. Since the Oscars aired on Sunday, March 27, the brunt of jokes related to famous actor Will Smith’s open hand slap against comedian and Oscar host Chris Rock skyrocketed. Now, Jimmy Kimmel and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene are trading barbs on Twitter.

On Monday, April 4, Greene tweeted any Republican who supports Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court is a pro-pedophile just like the nominee. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney said they would vote to confirm the judge to the High Court.

During his eponymous live show Tuesday evening, Kimmel asked during his monologue where Will Smith was when people really needed him — alluding to the slap against Rock and responding to Greene’s tweet. On Wednesday, Greene tweeted she reported Kimmel to the Capitol Police for allegedly threatening a member of Congress.

Kimmel responded to Greene’s concerns by saying he would like to report a joke. The Capitol Police say they won’t comment on any potential investigations.

During confirmation hearings in late March, Jackson received intense questions from Republicans about her light sentencing of child pornographers that were well below the minimum federal guideline standards.

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