College Professor Reinstated After Getting Fired for Controversial Comments

College Professor Reinstated After Getting Fired for Controversial Comments

Anti-Woke Professor Gets ULTIMATE Payback At School That Fired Him

( – Not long ago, colleges and universities promoted the ideals of free speech as an essential part of the educational learning process. Yet, much has changed over the last few years as schools seemingly embraced far-left woke ideologies. In January 2021, the University of Central Florida (UCF) fired longtime tenured professor Charles Negy over a controversial tweet.

Negy often criticizes racial justice activism. The professor questioned narratives surrounding systematic racism after George Floyd died in police custody. He posted his opinion that Black privilege is real because many people within that community receive special scholarships and other benefits, and society shields them from legitimate criticism.

Soon after Negy’s tweet, The Epoch Times said angry students and activists protested at the school and demanded his removal. The university released a statement condemning the professor’s comments and, six months later, fired him. Recently, an arbitrator ruled the school didn’t prove just cause for firing the tenured professor, and in doing so, it violated his union contract. The arbitrator ordered the school must provide a complete restoration of Negy’s tenure with all compensation and benefits.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) said the protests motivated the school’s firing of Negy. The organization added a school wouldn’t interview 300 people over seven months unless officials were desperate to legitimize Negy’s dismissal as a tenured professor.

UCF said it would abide by the arbitrator’s ruling and work with the professor as they prepare for the fall semester.

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