CNN Crew Escapes After Russian Shelling Hits

CNN Crew Escapes After Russian Shelling Hits

( – Since World War II, journalists have embedded themselves with soldiers to tell the stories of war at home and across the world. Journalists have shared war’s fear and misery alongside service members as they reported the battlefront news. On Monday, April 4, that reality hit home for a CNN war reporter and cameraman.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman and his crew joined a small group of Ukrainian soldiers near the southern Ukrainian town of Mykolaiv. The scene was relatively quiet as they filmed until a Russian military unit began firing artillery shells at their position. As the cameraman continued filming, Wedeman calmly explained what was happening as they moved down an embankment to shelter.

Fleeing to safety, the soldiers and news crew dashed toward the open field and their cars. They realized shrapnel from the exploding artillery hit the two vehicles as they got closer. A strike had destroyed one of the cars, so the group huddled in the smaller vehicle as they fled as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they made it to safety. Wedeman maintained a calm presence throughout the dangerous encounter with the Russian military, explaining each step to viewers at home.

It’s one more journalist’s courageous story, but it’s bound not to be the last.

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