Clinton Lawyers Implicated in Scheme Targeting Donald Trump

( – For nearly three years, Democrats went on a tear investigating former President Donald Trump over allegations he colluded with Russia to defeat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Over the last few months, America learned that the Clinton campaign was behind the move, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars in investigative taxpayer-supported dollars to divert attention from her email scandal.

In September, special counsel John Durham received an indictment against Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann. Durham is accusing Sussmann of lying to the FBI and creating a coordinated attempt to solicit information and spread disinformation tying Donald Trump to the Russians. Sussmann allegedly took the fabricated claims, and he gave them to journalists and FBI agents who wanted to make names for themselves and expose Trump.

How Deep Did Sussmann Go to Ruin Trump?

Durham accused Clinton’s attorney of hiding his work for the Clinton campaign while attempting to peddle false information to the FBI, saying Trump was secretly backchanneling to the Russians. Making matters worse, in April 2016, Sussmann hired CrowdStrike to point a hack of the Democratic National Convention server toward the Russians. It was the opening salvo in the Russiagate scandal. Just days earlier, Sussmann’s partner hired Fusion GPS to find dirt on Trump and tie him to Russia.

It gets worse. Sussmann permitted CrowdStrike to give vital disinformation to the FBI. Instead of investigating the Democratic National Committee servers over a potential foreign hack, the FBI relied on CrowdStrike’s false forensics. The FBI’s relationship with Sussmann and his partner gave them unique access and importance to the nation’s top law enforcement agency. Their influence defined the fake Trump-Russia narrative to the highest levels of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The entire operation between Sussmann and his partner was a designed setup. The FBI couldn’t get all the information it sought from either CrowdStrike or Fusion GPS due to attorney-client privilege. Anything Sussmann did or said with the companies was confidential. Two days after CrowdStrike publicly alleged Russia hacked the DNC, on June 14, 2016, Christopher Steele released his now-debunked Steele Dossier to delegitimize President Trump and accuse him of colluding with Russia.

Disinformation Campaign Unravels

During numerous hearings with lawmakers, FBI officials had difficulty answering why they were working with CrowdStrike to get information. Little did federal authorities know that Sussmann was manipulating them under attorney-client privilege. As eager FBI agents and journalists who wanted to make names for themselves pursued the disinformation aggressively, it became clear there were too many open holes and missing pieces to come to any serious conclusions about the origination of the DNC server hack.

The two Clinton paid-for organizations became responsible for creating the disinformation campaign that snarled the Trump administration for nearly three years. Democrats often claimed they had specific credible evidence of Russian collusion when they didn’t. It triggered a massive special counsel investigation headed by former FBI Director Bob Mueller.

In the end, Mueller concluded there was no proof of any Russian collusion involving the Trump campaign. It appears Durham believes a complicated scheme was behind the entire operation. The question is, how high in the Clinton campaign did it go? Did the campaign manager or committee head, John Podesta, authorize it?

Most importantly, what did Hillary Clinton know?

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