Clarence Thomas Seminar Is Canceled Following Backlash at University

Clarence Thomas Seminar Is Cancelled Following Backlash at University

Liberals Whine And Cry Until The University Gives Into Their Demands

( – After the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June, some students at The George Washington University (GWU) protested the decision. In addition, they demanded the school cancel a class taught by conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Petitioners received over 11,300 signatures calling for the Justice’s dismissal. The institution pushed back and said it would not fire the right-leaning judge, who’s instructed law at GWU since 2011.

Still, the student protestors may have gotten their wish, just not in the way they hoped. On Thursday, July 28, Fox News Digital obtained an email written by Thomas’ co-lecturer to the class. Gregory Maggs wrote that the Justice indicated he was stepping back from teaching the fall class. Maggs told the students the school didn’t cancel the course and that he would teach it alone for the first time in a decade without assistance from the conservative figure.

Thomas hasn’t talked publicly about his role as a professor, nor has he discussed his abrupt withdrawal from teaching the class. According to Politico, GWU spokesperson Timothy Pierce confirmed that he wouldn’t be teaching at the prestigious law school this fall. Pierce said Maggs informed the students via email. The university recently removed Thomas from a list of the university’s professors.

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