Christian Group Wants Supreme Court Justice Removed

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – Newsweek reported that on Tuesday a left-wing Christian organization, Faithful America, managed to gain over 15,000 signatures calling for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to be removed from his seat. 

Faithful America which is focused on supporting social-justice causes and working against “Christian nationalism” argued they took issue with some of the recent statements that Alito had made, especially with his statement that the United States needed to return to “a place of Godliness.” 

On Tuesday morning the group managed to reach 16,683 signatures calling for the Justice’s removal, while they have now upped their goal to 20,000 signatures. 

The latest controversies about Alito come after the release of a secret recording between Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Alito during an annual dinner on June 3. The two men had been talking with Alito arguing that it was not easy for the political divide in the country to be resolved. He added that one or the other side would end up winning. 

In the petition, the group specifically addressed Alito pointing out that he is not fit to be serving in the highest court in the nation. They are also pushing for his immediate resignation as he is not impartial, and thus cannot continue to be one of the Supreme Court’s justices. 

The conversation between the two justices is not the only controversy surrounding Alito, as recent reports have pointed out that in the previous months, Alito had flown an upside-down American flag outside of his home. On a separate occasion he had also flown an “Appeal to Heaven” flag.

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