Chris Pratt TV Series Gets Majorly Different Reactions From Critics and Fans

Chris Pratt TV Series Gets Majorly Different Reactions From Critics and Fans

Critics Sour And Fans Rejoice Over New Anti-Woke Film Series

( – Actor Chris Pratt has become a beloved actor for many viewers, and he’s made no secret of his conservative Christian beliefs. Some fans may even wonder if critics are harsh on the actor because of his views instead of his acting, especially given his audience doesn’t appear to align with the supposed experts regarding Pratt’s newest premier, “The Terminal List.”

Critics slammed the series, giving it a 37% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, although the public scored the show at 95%. Among the criticism from supposed experts, Variety said “The Terminal List” would’ve been miserable enough to endure if it were a two-hour movie, let alone an 8-hour series. Another said the work was a right-wing revenge fantasy.

Audiences called out the haters for their negative reviews. Some said they didn’t understand where the critics’ point of view. Others suggested the low ratings were because of Pratt’s personal, religious, and political beliefs, which had nothing to do with the show or his acting performance.

The eight-episode series recently premiered on Amazon Prime. Viewers follow the story of Navy Seal James Reece (Pratt). After his unit’s covert mission goes wrong, the military sends Reece home to struggle through vague memories of what occurred. Reece begins to remember what happened, leading the soldier to uncover a conspiracy that puts him and his family in harm’s way.

Pratt said he enjoyed the process of developing a character and story over eight hours versus shoving it all into a feature-length film.

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