Chip Roy Promises To Fire Corrupt FBI, IRS Agents if GOP Wins

Chip Roy Promises To Fire Corrupt FBI, IRS Agents If GOP Wins

BIG Promises Made If GOP Takes Majority

( – In January 2021, Democrats controlled the levers of power in Washington, DC, for the first time since 2010. Still, controversy has followed numerous agencies in the federal government. Since 2016, Republicans have observed the FBI continually going after former President Donald Trump. It started with the Russian collusion scandal, and recently federal agents raided his Mar-a-Lago estate. There are ongoing concerns about voter integrity. In addition, on the southern border, illegal immigration is running rampantly out of control.

On Tuesday, August 16, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) told Fox News host Laura Ingraham enough was enough. If voters give the GOP control of Congress in November, the Texas lawmaker said legislators would need to resolve the problems. He stated Republicans should pass legislation ending vote-by-mail programs. Additionally, he called for new laws allowing Congress to fire bureaucrats who refuse to do their jobs and uphold federal laws.

On Wednesday, Biden signed the Democratic partisan “Inflation Reduction Act” into law that doubled the IRS’s funding and empowered the hiring of 87,000 new tax collectors. Roy said elected officials should defund the bureaucracy. He said he would start by firing IRS agents, adding that if an FBI employee abused their authority, he’d also see the agency let them go. The congressman suggested legislators should also target DHS officials who refuse to secure the border to lose their positions.

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