China Unveils New “Mighty Dragon” Fighter Jet in Response to F-35

China Unveils New

Meet The Mighty Dragon – China’s Secret Weapon

( – China has an impressive multi-platform jet designed to rival the US military’s F-35 Stealth Lightning II Fighter. The Lockheed staple of air superiority, the F-35, has dominated the skies since 2015… or has it? China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth craft is proving itself a versatile platform worthy of notice.

Like the F-35, the J-20 is more than a single style of fighter aircraft. It has modifications allowing for carrier launch, vertical liftoff, and shortened runway takeoffs. It may also function as a bomber and an electric warfare aircraft. It has a longer range than the Lockheed version, and some models travel twice as fast. The J-20 is the world’s first twin-seat stealth fighter.

In an interview with The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, US Pacific Air Forces commander General Kenneth Wilsbach said he’s not exactly sure what the Chinese intend to do with the new fighter. American forces have yet to see whether China will use the J-20 in the same fashion as the F-35, primarily as an air-to-ground air superiority vessel. He also noted that Chinese pilots handle the plane “pretty well.”

At a cost of $4.4 billion to develop, one would hope they got their money’s worth. Since its first public debut, the Chinese have added 50 of the advanced jets to their arsenal.

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