China Says US Should Give in to Putin’s Demands

China Says US Should Give in to Putin's Demands

( – After the indefensible way the United States pulled out of Afghanistan last August, foreign policies experts warned Biden there could be consequences. Some said they believed China and Russia might view the United States as weak and take an opportunity to advance their agendas while the opportunity presented itself. Over the last month, Russia lined its Ukraine border with 100,000 soldiers and military hardware. The Kremlin says it’s unhappy NATO is infringing on its western border and demands the military alliance withdraw from the region.

As if President Joe Biden didn’t have enough to deal with, China sits in the wings. Over the last year, China and Russia have grown closer in their relationship. On Wednesday, January 26, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken all sides needed to reduce tensions and avoid a war. In essence, he said the United States should give in to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It appears the White House isn’t taking China’s advice. Later in the day, US officials rejected Russia’s demands.

Additionally, Wang warned US statements and actions are straining the relationship between the two countries. The Foreign Minister said the United States needs to stop interfering in the Beijing Winter Olympics (the White House formally announced a diplomatic boycott over Chinese forced labor camps), back off on Taiwan protections and stop dividing Chinese groups.

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