China Releases New AI to Prosecute People

China Releases New AI to Prosecute People

( – In 2002, Hollywood released a futuristic sci-fi thriller where special police could see into the future and arrest criminals before they’d committed any crimes. While China isn’t using a “Minority Report” futuristic type of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s doing something never before done in human history. Researchers developed the first AI capable of charging people with common crimes.

The AI developer says the system can analyze 1,000 traits from human-made cases and charge people with a 97% degree of accuracy. It can detect government dissent, credit card fraud, gambling crimes, theft, dangerous driving and obstruction of official duties. Prosecutors say the system will significantly lighten their workload and allow them to focus on much more complex cases.

The system runs on a standard desktop computer. All the system requires to initiate prosecution is a verbal allegation and a description of the event. Developers say the AI is still evolving, and they expect it to learn how to indict people with less common crimes and charge individuals with multiple crimes at a time.

The AI system does have critics. Some law enforcement officials say a 3% error is much too high. They question who becomes responsible when the system makes a mistake. Would it be the prosecutors or the developers? While AI may identify potential crimes, some insist it can’t replace human decision-makers.

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