China Looking To Mend Ties With U.S.?, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

China has said that they did not want the tension in their relations with Washington to escalate and have said that a stable relationship between the two countries can be beneficial. At the same time, U.S. intelligence chief Avril Haines told lawmakers on Wednesday that China was looking to increase its global economic and military power.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had previously blasted the U.S. has said that Beijing believes that a stable relationship with the U.S. is going to be beneficial. Haines, director of national intelligence, informed the Senate Intelligence Committee of these comments recently.

Haines further pointed out that China was consistently trying to challenge the U.S. on an economic, technological, military, and political level. Haines and other intelligence officials were part of the hearing in which they discussed the global threats that the United States is facing.

This week Xi also delivered an address at the Chinese Communist Party Congress in which he claimed that Washington was trying to block Beijing from growing. He further commented on the trajectory of China’s domestic economy and the challenges they are facing. During the speech, he also pointed out that the U.S. is responsible for any increase in the tension according to Haines.

Both U.S. officials and China experts have openly spoken about the concerns they have regarding the lack of communication between the two countries. The intelligence community’s latest report on global threats was also released on Wednesday, and in it, one of the threats discussed was the Chinese leader’s attempts to divide the U.S. and its allies.