China Gets a Free Pass From Hollywood

China Gets a Free Pass From Hollywood

( – Today, due to crippling US sanctions over the war in Ukraine, Hollywood won’t release movies in Russia. Yet, in a double standard, and despite China’s record of genocide and supporting Russia’s invasion, Hollywood is selling movies at a blinding rate in the communist Asian country. It makes one wonder why Hollywood celebrities are willing to protest hot-button issues such as abortion, impeachment, or immigration. Still, they never say a word about problematic issues in China?

Could money be more important than the far-left principles they push so passionately? The Chinese marketplace is enormous for Hollywood. If a movie flops stateside, it usually makes more than enough money in China to make a film’s production profitable. Even successful movies in the United States raise just as much money in China.

Despite slave work camps, the mistreatment of religious and minority groups, and reductions in free speech, elites in Tinseltown never speak out against China. In April 2017, actor Richard Gere explained why. A devout Buddhist, Gere spoke out against China’s treatment of Tibet. In response, China won’t release a movie inside the country if Gere is in it. The Chinese blacklisted him, and Hollywood was okay with it.

The double standard could lead the Chinese to propagandize Americans through Hollywood and shape perceptions of how the world views the Chinese Communist Party. When China makes a demand, Hollywood doesn’t just make adjustments for audiences in China. It changes the entire movie. There’s no controversy if production companies don’t have different versions of movies floating around to compare.

Knowing how Hollywood really works, will you think differently about the next movie you watch?

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