China Behind Sabotage Attempt Meant to Humiliate Biden

China Behind Sabotage Attempt Meant to Humiliate Biden

( – The Chinese communist government is far from a democracy. So, why were its leaders so upset when US President Joe Biden didn’t invite Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Summit for Democracy with over 100 world leaders? Whatever the reason for feeling slighted, Beijing decided to host its own dialogue to discuss the issue of democracy.

Chinese officials and pundits responded to the summit by claiming China’s political system is a high-functioning democracy of a different kind. They added China delivers for its people better than the allegedly broken US system.

If that weren’t enough, the propaganda moved online to Chinese state-run media. On December 9 and 10, China ran a two-part series in English on its CGTN network titled “US Democracy: A Reality Check.” The Chinese government claimed money in politics dominated the US government, and the US struggles with wealth inequality and police brutality issues. So, is China suggesting it doesn’t have problems or is it just unwilling to be as transparent about itself?

US-based Chinese affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan said China is in deep trouble by comparing the two countries’ inequalities, wealth gaps and policing issues. While Chinese officials tried to humiliate President Biden, he said they didn’t succeed. Tang believes the Democracy Summit isolated the Chinese Communist Party and ensured the United States maintained its pecking order on the international scene. In addition, the summit created a global alliance free from China’s manipulation.

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