China Bans Holiday Travel

China Bans Holiday Travel

( – As the coronavirus and variants seem to pop up as fast as dandelions emerge in the spring, many people find their daily plans can change in a heartbeat. None are probably more familiar with this than the Chinese. With barely 500 cases in Shaanxi’s capital of Xi’an, the Chinese government placed a travel ban on its citizens for the annual holidays.

The Lunar New Year and Spring Festival are travel seasons for many Chinese. An estimated 300 million citizens use the time as a chance to visit family and other loved ones. Unfortunately, this year those people will be canceling their plans.

The Chinese government feels the current outbreak may lessen if they restrict travel. Their alleged concern is focused on people in less populated areas. The Chinese people are essentially now on lockdown in an effort to keep the virus from rural areas.

Due to the uncertainty of how the virus transmits from one person to the other, Xi’an set out to disinfect the region. The government asked Residents to bring in laundry, seal up their houses, and avoid touching anything outside without adequately cleaning their hands afterward. Around 6 pm local time, the government began spraying an unknown chemical on building exteriors, the streets, and even into the open air. Experts called the action wasteful and potentially dangerous and claimed it may have just been for show.

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