Children’s Camp Officer Kills Would-Be Mass Shooter With Instant Response

Children's Camp Officer Kills Would-Be Mass Shooter With Instant Response

Mass Murderer Enters Children’s Camp – Then This Happens

( – In recent months, police have been unable to stop several mass shooters across the country. Yet, on Monday, June 13, law enforcement averted tragedy. Around 8:45 a.m., a man entered a day camp in a Dallas, Texas, area community, where several children were present, including some as young as 4. Duncanville police said 42-year-old Brandon Keith Ned entered the building with a handgun. He shot a round while talking to staff and making his way toward one of the children’s locations.

Then, the shooter reportedly stopped at the door of a room containing 40 children and 18-year-old camp counselor Naomi Rodgers. The counselor had locked the door before the man shot out the window and threatened everyone inside. Next, Ned allegedly made his way toward the gym and more children. The staff had managed to remove the children from the building.

Officers greeted the man upon his entrance, immediately opening fire once they confirmed the threat. The officers attempted to save Ned’s life, but the suspect later died at the hospital from injuries he sustained during the gunfight. The police told reporters they arrived within two minutes of receiving the call about the active shooting situation.

Duncanville Mayor Barry Gordon told the media police officers recently conducted active shooter training, and the training paid off in this instance.

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