Chicago Mayor Acts in Desperation To Keep the Bears Local

Chicago Mayor Acts in Desperation To Keep the Bears Local

Liberal Mayor Begs Pleads And Bribes – She Doesn’t Want Them To Flee

( – In 1925, Chicago named Soldier Field in honor of troops who died in combat during World War I. In its earliest years, the location seated 74,280 people, with the ability to expand to 100,000. From 2002 to 2003, the stadium endured a $632 million retrofit, but it reduced seating capacity, and the city still hasn’t paid the bill in full. The Bears currently enjoy the smallest seating capacity in the NFL. Now, it appears that the local football club intends to head for greener pastures despite efforts by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

As the NFL team prepares to say goodbye to its home since 1971, Lightfoot is offering up to $2.2 billion as a bribe to keep the Bears in their current spot. Many citizens wonder where the mayor intends to find the money and why she isn’t using it to fight crime.

Team officials say they aren’t interested in staying. In October 2021, the Bears agreed to purchase the 326-acre site formerly occupied by the Arlington International Racecourse from Churchill Downs. Unlike Soldier Field, there’s plenty of room to expand and build a state-of-the-art facility to host a Super Bowl and other major attractions. The club is working to secure funding for the suburban site and said it’s already spent $197.2 million on the purchase agreement. Representatives said they would not pursue any other stadium deals and have a contract with Chicago for Soldier Field through 2032.

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