Chef Says Teaching Kids Not to Eat With Their Hands is About Racist “Colonization”

girl eating

( – If you’re like many people, your parents taught you how to eat with forks, spoons and knives when you were little. Occasionally, certain foods were more appropriate to eat by hand. However, according to a prominent Toronto chef, food writer and food activist, Joshna Maharaj, the way we teach table manners is racism rooted in colonization.

In July 2020, Maharaj wrote an article in “Today’s Parent” magazine that recently resurfaced on social media. With rising tensions over racial issues, the chef said she loves all things food and advocates for eating different types in a variety of ways, including with silverware or by hand. When she heard a parent of a prestigious school told her children needed to work on their table manners and use proper utensils to eat, Maharaj was deeply bothered.

The activist in her swelled up when she wrote that eating in an “unmannered” way is good and healthy. To her, the parent’s statement was nothing more than control and shame rooted in historical colonization.

British MP Lee Anderson fired back against Maharaj’s allegations. The British elected official called her out for “rubbish.” Anderson said when he taught his kids to use a knife and fork instead of their hands, he never once thought of colonization. 

It’s probably safe to suggest most other parents don’t either.

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