CCP Employee Exposes His Own Corruption

CCP Employee Exposes His Own Corruption

CCP Employee Slips — Accidentally Confesses The SECRET We All Know

( – Millions of citizens across China are expressing concern about corruption after a video garnered 260 million views and 20,000 comments. Zhou Jie is an employee of a state-owned company under intense scrutiny due to posts he made on the social media platform WeChat. Zhou bragged he obtained wealth and made connections with high-level government officials through unlawful deals.

That’s not all Zhou claimed. The wannabe whistleblower supposedly once drank tea worth $60,000 per kilogram, and he insists upon collecting luxury watches and high-end clothing. The Chinese worker alleged a provincial leader gave him an extremely expensive cigarette valued at $180 per carton. The official posted about his fine dining exploits, limousine adventures, and stays in mansions.

Upon learning about the social media posts, Capital Operation Holding Group suspended the employee. It issued a statement saying Zhou’s statements were untrue, and the comments were from 2019.

So, did the worker expose his personal corruption? Over the last few years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has prohibited people from flaunting their wealth online. The new rules came after President Xi Jinping promised to reduce the wealth gap. In 2020, the government said it had eliminated extreme poverty.

While citizens question the claims and debate about corruption, that’s exactly what the CCP hoped to avoid. Recently, China’s most popular live-streaming and video-sharing app, Douyin, removed over 20,000 posts featuring extravagant lifestyles.

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