California State Government Accused of Spreading COVID 19

California State Government Accused of Spreading COVID 19

( – During the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, California health experts warned that prisons were highly vulnerable to the contagious disease. The biggest concern was in the state’s most susceptible prison, San Quentin.

Officials warned that they needed to cut the inmate population in half to minimize infection rates and avoid a devastating outbreak. They offered COVID-19 tests to any prisoner who wanted one, but they couldn’t force anyone to take the test by law. Now, some people are blaming the government for the fast spread of COVID-19 in the Golden State.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says it’s not allowed to hold a prisoner past their scheduled release date. It doesn’t matter if the person has tested positive for COVID-19 or not. San Quentin recorded 2,258 positive cases in 2020. Of them, officials released 43 intimates into the public despite testing positive for COVID-19. Imagine what the numbers look like accounting for 35 prisons and tens of thousands of incarcerated people across the state.

By mid-August of 2020, California prison officials released over 11,000 inmates early, leading to a 30-year low prison population. Almost 9,000 tested positive, and 50 died. Between March and June of 2021, state officials released 100,000 more people from California jails while the state endured harsh mitigation orders.

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