California Judge Deems Law Requiring Women on Corporate Boards as Sexist

California Judge Deems Law Requiring Women On Corporate Boards As Sexist

Democrat Judge Surprises Everyone – Strikes Down This LAW

( – The nation’s most liberal state, California, passed a 2018 law forcing publicly held corporations to diversify their boards by mandating females serve as executives. By January 2022, the law required companies to have women as members of at least half of their boards. Conservative group Judicial Watch sued, arguing t the law was discriminatory based on gender, and it was illegal to use taxpayer dollars to enforce legislation that violated the state constitution.

On Friday, May 13, California state Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis agreed with Judicial Watch. Duffy-Lewis ruled the state law violated the equal protection clause in California’s constitution and said the state failed to demonstrate the lawmakers narrowly tailored the legislation or solve any problems related to unlawful discrimination. She noted the law treated corporate board members differently based solely on gender.

The state argued it was simply trying to fight gender discrimination. Still, some people thought the move was illegal despite lawmakers’ intentions. Former Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed the legislation into law, suspecting it wouldn’t hold up under judicial scrutiny. Still, Brown said he signed the measure to send a message he supported the #MeToo movement.

It’s the second discrimination law state courts have struck down in recent weeks. In April, a California judge overturned a similar law requiring corporate boards to include at least one person of race by 2021.

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