Bridezilla Loses Cool After Guests Dance at Wedding

Bridezilla Loses Cool After Guests Dance at Wedding

( – Drama follows some people around like a lost puppy. Take the story of one bride who couldn’t let go of a beautiful moment between a couple at her wedding. Anonymously, a man shared that his injured girlfriend loves to dance but couldn’t due to her impairments. 

When the newlyweds opened up the dance floor to their guests, the man said he noticed his girlfriend was noticeably upset. So, he did what any capable man would do for his lady. He picked her up and danced with her in his arms when the DJ played the couple’s favorite song. They moved slowly to the music, staying near their table in the back of the room. It lasted for less than a minute.

The bridezilla didn’t appreciate that others took notice. The next day she barraged the couple for upstaging her special day and stealing her limelight. Not knowing what was happening, they checked social media and discovered many other wedding attendees had recorded their special dance. The bride said it was all the family could talk about. 

The couple insists they didn’t mean to draw that much attention. The girlfriend believes they did nothing wrong, and that people knew the bride was dramatic. In this case, perhaps the bridezilla could learn something about sacrificing for love.

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