Breaking: Mariupol Set to Fall As Putin’s Forces Break City

Breaking: Mariupol Set to Fall As Putin's Forces Break City

( – The Kremlin’s war against Ukraine hasn’t gone according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans. He failed to take the capital city of Kyiv and parts of the southern coastal region along the Black Sea. Recently, the Russian military pulled back forces from the capital region and northern parts of the country to prepare for a siege of an eastern Ukraine location known as the Donbas region. If successful, it would be the first victory Putin could claim.

Currently, the city of Mariupol is at the heart of the Russian campaign. If successful, Russian forces would deprive Ukraine of an important port city and the land bridge between Crimea and Russia. Many say the city looks much like old pictures of destroyed cities in World War II.

On Wednesday, April 20, a Ukrainian officer speaking from a nearly destroyed steel plant warned the city would likely fall to Russia in days, if not hours, as defenders of the town and civilians took refuge in the dilapidated facility. Hemmed in by Russian forces outnumbering them 10-1, marine Major Serhiy Volyna said his message may be his last address ever, as his troops swore not to surrender.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said Russia agreed preliminarily on Wednesday afternoon to open a humanitarian corridor to allow women, children, and the elderly to leave the destroyed city and head to a safer Ukrainian city to the west.

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