Boris Johnson Quotes Lenin to Push Build Back Greener

Boris Johnson Quotes Lenin to Push Build Back Greener

( – Conservative UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden have at least one thing in common. Both are pledging to cut carbon emissions significantly by 2050. Johnson even uses the Biden moniker Build Back Better as a sign of solidarity with the US president’s climate change ambitions. On Monday, November 22, Johnson went so far as to quote a Russian communist dictator to frame his vision for the Build Back Better green initiative.

Johnson claimed Vladimir Lenin had said the communist revolution was about Soviet power and the electrification of the entire country. The British prime minister said the new industrial revolution would enshrine a cleaner environment powered by green technology plus the electrification of the whole country, and Johnson added the green agenda is a moral mission about doing the right thing for this and future generations. While many people grow more pragmatic as they get older, the UK leader said he’s becoming more idealistic.

In a moment of candor, Boris Johnson said something most politicians wouldn’t dare say. The prime minister claimed the government lockdowns that caused disruptions to the global supply change were beneficial to his green movement. Without the pandemic lockdowns, he said the opportunity to transform his country’s economy radically would not have happened so easily. The prime minister called it fate.

Perhaps Johnson has spent a lot of time around American Liberals?

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