Border Gets Overrun With Illegals

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

On Sunday a group of over 1,000 migrants crossed through the Paso Del Norte bridge in El Paso. According to sources, despite the crowd control measures the group of migrants, which was mainly made up of Venezuelan migrants, managed to press ahead and cross the border.

The video from the incident shows migrants of all ages moving forward toward the fenced border without stopping. In one of the videos from the incident uploaded the migrants can be seen moving forward on the bridge with signs that read “Feliz Viaje,” which means happy travels.

A third video shows migrants crowding a smaller bridge while others continued lining up across the riverbank.

In order to try and control the crowd, Customs, and Border Protection added more manpower in the area, while the Mexican military also got involved in trying to manage the crowded immigrants on the southern side of the bridge. The cameras on the bridge also captured the incident showing not only the migrants crowding the area but also the CBP agents that were standing behind a barricade and razor wire.

In FY 2022, there had been over 2.3 million migrant encounters. FY 2023 is expected to surpass those numbers based on the current records.

Republicans have widely blamed the Biden administration’s open border measures and the rolling back of Trump-era policies for the current situation at the border. The Biden administration also ended the wall construction efforts that had started during the previous administration.