Blue State Forces City Employees To Do What?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Mayor Eric Adams’ has announced that all New York City employees would have to take “mandatory” training in radical critical race theory. This information was publicized by Fox News Digital which got a hold of the training review. The deadline for the completion of the training was March 6. It is said to provide all NYC employees with a framework for racial equity.

However, critical race theory is a controversial topic and as such, the training has not been viewed by everyone positively. According to critical race theory, America has always been and continues to be structurally racist, which means that there are systems in place that help oppress minority groups, while White racial groups are allowed to flourish.

A source who knows about the “racial equity” training has said that if the discussion was about equity and treating everyone equally it would have been okay, but that they do not agree with having to take training that is focused through the lens of critical race theory as an employee. They added that this inherently goes against the claims that everyone should be treated equally.

According to the reports, the training is going to say that race has no scientific basis, but that it was instead created to be a system of “exclusion and oppression.” It also adds that it is a complete social construct that separates people based on their skin color or physical features and yet society has used race for the establishment of systems of power and privilege.