Black Republican Slams Top Democrat Over Claims of GOP Interracial Marriage Ban

Black Republican Slams Top Democrat Over Claims of GOP Interracial Marriage Ban

Radical Leftist Paints Republican Party Racist – This Politician Is Fighting Back

( – As Americans anticipate a final decision in late June or early July from the Supreme Court over whether the High Court will overturn Roe v. Wade as part of their decision in the Dobbs v Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization case, which Justices heard in Late November, some believe the Democratic Party is turning to extreme language. In the wake of a leaked SCOTUS draft that signaled the Court could overturn “Roe,” Democrats have gone on the attack. They’ve gone as far as to say the GOP would try to ban birth control and same-sex and interracial marriage. One Black Republican candidate for Congress is saying enough is enough of the extreme rhetoric from the Left.

On Tuesday, May 3, Republican nominee Wesley Hunt, running for the US House of Representatives in Texas, called out Representative Eric Swalwell for saying Republicans won’t end at banning abortion. The California Democrat claimed Republicans would attempt to ban interracial marriage as well. Hunt introduced himself to Swalwell and America on Twitter as a strong conservative voice for the GOP who is Black and in an interracial marriage. He and his wife have two biracial daughters.

Hunt told anyone paying attention that Republicans celebrate diversity. In contrast, the GOP House nominee stated White liberals like Swalwell use racial issues to bait voters. Hunt then slammed the California leftist as a White man who has never lived in a Black man’s shoes, so Swalwell shouldn’t lecture him about racism.

Fox News noted Hunt is virtually guaranteed to defeat his Democratic counterpart in November.

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