Bill Maher Says It’s Time for Precision on COVID-19, No More Virtue Signaling

Bill Maher Says It's Time for Precision on COVID-19, No More Virtue Signaling

( – Across the world, countries are ending their COVID-19 mitigation orders. Not in the United States. Over the last few months, HBO host and well-known liberal mockumentarian Bill Maher has been blasting Democrats and President Biden on his weekly program for the response to COVID-19. On Friday night, February 4, he didn’t let up.

Maher asked why the United States can attack a tiny target with a small missile from a drone with acute precision but is imprecise in dealing with a virus? The famed liberal said no one rivals America when designing and deploying machines that kill. Yet, the country is a sundial in the fog when it comes to everything else. He added it’s time to stop acting as if the risk of COVID-19 is the same to everyone.

Hailing back to the beginning of the war on terror, Maher said America is accomplishing the goals of terrorists without terrorism. Namely, we’re bleeding ourselves financially, culturally and socially dry over COVID-19, just as Bin Laden hoped we would. The talk show host asked why COVID-19 is anyone’s responsibility at this point?

Maher also pointed out people are growing tired of the pandemic restrictions and public sentiment is turning on President Joe Biden. Americans want to return to normal and have accepted COVID-19 is with us to stay. He added Democratic mask policies are hurting children, and society is stealing their social skills, sanity and education.

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