Bill Maher Predicts California Will Turn Red After Democrat Ineptitude

Bill Maher Predicts California Will Turn Red After Democrat Ineptitude

( – Since 2006, no Republican has won a statewide office in California. It’s so bad for the GOP Democratic single-rule is the preferred governance of the plurality of voters in the Golden State. Republicans only represent 24% of registered voters in the nation’s most populous state, but there’s hope people have had enough of the Democratic monarchy.

Many election experts suggest the GOP’s fate is tied to Latino voters. Yet, there’s been a change in the tide in recent years. In 2020, former President Donald Trump won more votes than any Republican ever in the state. Four competitive US House races in large Latino populations went the GOP’s way. Now, HBO host Bill Maher is warning Democratic ineptitude could cause the state to flip red in the years ahead.

California Loses Population for First Time Ever

Over the last several decades, California became the most liberal state in the union. It’s known for its extraordinarily high cost of living, taxes, and lack of common sense.

According to the Associated Press, California lost 182,000 residents in 2020. It’s the first time the state ever recorded a population decline dating to 1850. As a result, California lost a congressional seat. Regardless, the state’s population is the nation’s highest at 39.5 million citizens.

So, why are people leaving?

Maher Lambasts California Democrats

Some say Californians are packing up and heading to Dodge to escape high taxes and progressive politics. Maher thinks there’s something to that line of thinking. According to a Breitbart report, The Real Time host said people are leaving California over high taxes and year-round forest fires, but that’s only part of it. He suggested people are frustrated about not being able to do anything without Big Brother’s permission.

Maher said many people aren’t aware of how deep the corruption and nepotism runs in Democratic California, but they experience its effects. The comedian added regulations were stifling people and suggested nonsensical government regulations required 11 people to turn on a lightbulb in his house.

The HBO host added people are saying forget it, and they might eventually turn their backs on out-of-control Democrats. While they run the state into the ground, Maher said it’s creating an opening for Republicans to make a case to reasonable voters.

So, could there be a red wave in California? It’s hard to tell. Ultimately, it depends on how fed up Democrats become with the party. Last September, they had a chance to express their frustrations by recalling Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. While many voters signed petitions to oust him over COVID-19 restrictions and homelessness, the result wasn’t even close.

Still, it’s worth considering whether there are enough Mahers out there with common sense.

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