Big Win – City FORCED TO PAY for COVID Hype

Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

The New York state Supreme Court has ruled that all employees who were fired due to being unvaccinated would need to be reinstated. They also ruled that as their rights had been violated, they would need to receive back pay.

According to the court’s finding, vaccination could not completely prevent individuals from both transmitting and contracting the COVID-19 virus. New York City Mayor Eric Adams had previously claimed that they would not be rehiring employees who had lost their position due to their vaccination status. In NYC around 1,400 employees had been fired over their vaccination status, following the adoption of a vaccination mandate. This was imposed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

A large number of those who were terminated were police officers and firefighters.

Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro and FDNY-Uniformed Fire Officers Association President Lt. James McCarthy had previously condemned Adams for allowing exceptions to be made for athletes but not firefighters.

McCarty had said at the time that they supported the revocation of the mandate but that it should be extended to all people in New York City and not just athletes.

Ansbro also said that if you are going to remove the mandate for some people then you should be doing it for all the people in the city to fall in line with the science. He also argued that the hundreds of people who had lost their jobs had led to the city being unsafe.