Big Change Reportedly Coming to CNN

Big Change Reportedly Coming to CNN

( – Major media outlet CNN was once the pinnacle of mainstream news. Now, the agency is in a tailspin with no sign of regaining control, although there may be hope for the media giant as it undergoes drastic changes.

Fox News correspondent Charles Gasparino recently wrote about CNN’s ever-worsening condition following Chris Cuomo’s firing, and now, CNN President Jeff Zucker is on his way out. The New York Post published the article, which details how CNN could be heading in a new direction.

Zucker hired more people to help with the company’s launch of CNN+, its streaming service. But with Zucker on his way out, a new person is taking the reins, CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav. The new CNN leader has already mentioned he wants to scale back CNN’s streaming ambitions significantly. Unfortunately, that could mean firing many of the extra people Zucker hired to help with the launch of CNN+.

According to Gasparino, CNN’s ratings crisis adds to the work Zaslav has ahead to get the outlet back on track. From a purely financial viewpoint, the Discovery CEO may abandon CNN+ and terminate those hired to launch it as a savings measure to fund the recovery of the rest of the programming.

What does the future hold for CNN? Will Zaslav be able to stabilize its tailspin before it crashes? Or will the media giant continue to spiral out of control? Tune in for these and other answers as we follow this developing story.

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