Biden’s Dirty Trick To Win Midterms

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

Biden’s Dirty Trick To Win Midterms

President Biden is trying to help boost the Democrats ahead of November’s midterm elections by introducing a series of executive actions.

Mark Penn, a Democratic strategist, said that there is no doubt that Biden and the Democrats are trying to promote the strength of what they can achieve in government as part of their messaging. Biden especially has been plagued by low approval ratings for the past year, which reinforces the need for him to start taking action.

Strategists are also suggesting that Biden’s executive actions lately have been predominantly targeting younger voters, who appear to prefer the Democratic party in the election. A part of these actions has included a recent move to cancel as much as $20,000 in federal student loan debt. He has also worked to pardon those who have been convicted of simple marijuana possession.

Polls show that Democratic policies appear to be well-received by younger Americans, who are also the ones to benefit from the recent student debt handout. Younger voters were the ones to help Biden secure his victory in 2020 against former President Trump.

A recent Fox News poll also showed that President Biden’s approval rating is on the rise, hitting 46 percent this past month. He also had an eight-point increase among voters who are under 45.

Chris Anderson, a Democratic pollster, said that it appears that young voters are supporting him in a way they had not in previous months.

On Tuesday, Biden also announced that if Democrats retained their hold on Congress, the first move they would make would be to codify abortion rights into federal law. In a speech at Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., Biden reinforced that it was up to the people voting now to ensure that others would be given the right of choice.

Several smaller executive orders are also suspected to help the Democrats. For example, Biden announced last week that Camp Hale, a World War II U.S. Army training center in Colorado will be made into a national monument. This is suspected to reinforce Colorado’s Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s position ahead of what is expected to be a challenging election.

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