Biden Won’t Support Actions To Harden Schools

Biden Won't Support Actions To Harden Schools

Biden Fails To Take Action Even When Children’s Lives Are In Danger

( – In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group in Congress say they want to do more to prevent school shootings. Still, it appears Democrats and Republicans are talking about very different ideas. Will they be able to compromise to reach a deal?

Democrats once again want to push gun control. On the other hand, Republicans say they want to increase school security. On Tuesday, May 31, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed reporters Biden doesn’t support giving schools more money to add security resources, increase law enforcement officers in schools, or arm teachers with guns — security measures the Left sees as hardening schools.

Jean-Pierre blamed the crisis specifically on firearms. She alleged the United States is the only country with mental illness problems and gun violence. By the end of the day, an administration official walked back the press secretary’s words in a statement to the New York Post. The official stated that Biden’s only disagreement with Republicans was regarding arming teachers, who should focus on teaching while they’re in the classroom.

On Monday, Biden told reporters Congress needed to act, and he could only take limited action on guns. Will Democrats and Republicans agree on bipartisan legislation?

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