Biden Tears Down Second Amendment During Memorial Day Speech

Biden Tears Down Second Amendment During Memorial Day Speech

Backlash Rains Down After Biden’s Appalling Memorial Day Speech

( – President Joe Biden was a gaffe machine for nearly three decades in the US Senate and two terms as vice president to Barack Obama. His misstatements are legendary in political circles. On Memorial Day, he did it again. Throughout a short interaction with reporters, the president said a 9mm bullet could displace one’s lungs from the chest cavity, according to the New York Post. Biden also claimed the Second Amendment wasn’t absolute and stated people couldn’t own cannons or purchase stockpiles of weapons when the founding fathers ratified the amendment in 1791.

The murder of school children and teachers at a Texas elementary school on Monday, May 23, understandably upset many people. Yet, historians and fact-checkers have stated Biden was wrong on all accounts. The Second Amendment never placed restrictions on how many or what type of guns an individual could own and never prohibited the ownership of a canon.

The Washington Times said the president apparently confused a 9 mm handgun bullet with that used in a rifle like an AR-15. Critics quickly blasted the president for his statements. Fox News shared numerous tweets criticizing and insulting Biden for his statement, alleging the administration’s next target in the war against the Second Amendment is handguns.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are currently negotiating a gun deal. How far will it go?

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