Biden Says Voters Are Ready To Get Tough on Crime

Biden Says Voters Are Ready To Get Tough on Crime

Desperate Biden Begs Police To Repair The Country

( – During the 2020 presidential election, then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he didn’t support defunding the police. Yet, he promoted re-allocating police resources for community policing, hiring a diverse police force, and funding more body cameras for police accountability. That was never enough for the far-left, which defunded police in several large Democratic-led cities, resulting in a crime wave exploding across America.

In some of America’s most liberal cities, even Democrats have had enough, as polls on crime show the party is vulnerable in November’s midterm elections. On Tuesday, June 7, San Francisco voters removed their far-left district attorney after only two and half years on the job.

On Wednesday aboard Air Force One, the president told reporters he believed voters sent a clear message on Tuesday evening, one the Left should heed. He said Democrats and Republicans needed to work together to solve the crime epidemic gripping many parts of the country. He called on local communities that received billions of dollars in the American Rescue Act to use the money to hire more police and reform police departments.

Tuesday’s election results threaten a schism within the Democratic Party that’s been building between moderates and far-left progressives over the last year. How deep do the divisions go, and will the party self-destruct over the issue?

November is coming quickly, but will it brings answers or more questions?

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