Biden Reaches Mysterious ‘Agreement’ With China’s President

Biden Reaches Mysterious 'Agreement' With China's President

( – As many as 148 Chinese military planes violated Taiwan’s air defense zone over a 4-day period, the island nation reported on Friday, October 1. Recently, the United States encouraged China to stop its military provocations near Taiwan and resume the status quo situation it has followed for decades. China claims Taiwan is within its territory and says the communist regime could take the island at any time. The Taiwanese government says it isn’t part of China and will vigorously defend itself if necessary.

On Tuesday, October 5, President Joe Biden reported he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and both agreed to abide by the “Taiwan Agreement.” In 1979, Congress passed The Taiwan Relations Act. It allows the United States and Taiwan to maintain an informal relationship, with US officials treating the small nation as a country without formally recognizing the government. Additionally, the United States provides Taiwan with defense capabilities. The US relationship with China relies on ties with the democratic island nation, and both countries have a responsibility to ensure Taiwan’s future remains peaceful.

On Monday, the Taiwanese government said it was preparing for war with China. Biden said he told Jinping he shouldn’t violate the agreement, but it’s unclear if the president has any political bite with the communist leader. US officials will meet their Chinese counterparts soon, but it’s unclear how the conversation will go between the two powers.

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